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She was the new ESL teacher, bungling through her first day. He was one of the two or three native English speakers, and he was always eager to help. He helped look for files she couldn’t find. He helped map her schedule, and get the crazy foreign names straight. He gives commentaries on students he’s handled before, to give her teaching ideas.

And then, four days into the job, he planted himself so close to her they were practically nose to nose. “How about going to a movie or something?” he asked with a grin. His smile blinded her; she looked at her feet.

I can’t, I’m sorry. I’m married.

Oh.” He stood there, unmoving, until hastily but awkwardly, she bid him goodbye and shuffled out of the door. And it would have been the end of the story, really, had there not been that second or two, that little gap in time when, in between stare and answer, she caught her breath at his maleness and wondered how his five o’clock shadow would feel on her cheek.


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