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Psst, he messaged her, out of the blue. How are you?

Swamped with a gazillion things to sign, she typed back. And you?

Never better.

Silence, on her end. She has a gazillion things to sign, after all. Then too, they don’t have anything to talk about. They never did. That’s why she picked him. She knew it would be impersonal. There would never be any i’m-falling-for-you moments between them. She knows his address and all the information found on his resume. She knows how much he earns monthly, how many times he’s missed work, and why. That’s why she chose him. She knows he doesn’t have a lovelife. She wouldn’t be taking anything away from another woman. It would be just two hours, two hours in a never-ending cycle of overlapping minutes. Two hours. One time. Who would miss it? Afterwards, she bid him goodbye as quickly and efficiently as she had chosen him. No words wasted; no small gestures expended.

But he was persistent. I’ve something to tell you.

Okay, what is it?

I now have a girlfriend. She’s the sister of my friend.

Good for you. It’s about time. Now, you won’t have any reason to do overtime on Saturdays and Sundays.

Yeah. She’s really beautiful.

Good. You’d appreciate beauty. You’re an artist.

She’s a nurse. She’s preparing to go to the U.S. She’s the eldest. She has two other sisters. She’s as tall as I am, and she’s 21 years old.

Again, silence on her end. What was there to say? She didn’t want to pretend interest. She had work to do.

He tried again. She has a mole on her face. Like you do.

That’s interesting.

Yes. She’s not as smart as you are, but who would be? I’m lucky to have her.

She’s really great to be with.

She drinks like one of the boys. She can draw, too.

Still, silence from her end.

Hello, he buzzed again. Are you still there? Can I see you this week?


I’ve something to tell you.

You can tell me now.

It seemed to her half an eternity before he answered. I’m afraid I like you more than I like her.

Perhaps, this is just fiction.


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